Just Who is This

Andrew Craig?

Andrew Craig is a photographer, illustrator, trophy-hunting gamer, cartoon enthusiast, Viper pilot, vault hunter, chainsaw armed deadite killer, the first human Spectre, the Hero of Time, a Keyblade master, and Jedi. He was born and raised in Chino, CA where he spent his childhood recreating comic book artwork for his friends. While attending Troy High School in Fullerton, CA, he began working in a professional photo lab as a processor and digital artist. Under the advisement of many talented photographers, he learned how to work a camera. He currently resides in Lake Forest, CA.

“Andrew Craig is among the most unique artists I’ve collaborated with. His eye for the perfect concert photo is matched by his remarkable artistic ingenuity. He approaches every project with creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication. And his exemplary work ethic allows him to keep ahead in the ever-changing visual media industry. Whenever I’ve discussed a concept with him, I usually have an astonishing sketch waiting for me within hours. We have worked together on concerts, recording sessions, marketing promos, DVDs, album covers, and logos. Andrew’s work has consistently exceeded my expectations.”

Bear McCreary Composer (Battlestar Galactica, Godzilla: King of Monsters, The Walking Dead

“Andrew Craig is a visionary rock photographer. His work elevates the musicians he photographs out of the tiniest club, into the biggest arena. He always gets the shot, from the epic power slide, down to the last bead of sweat. I’ll be damned if he isn’t the next Mick Rock.”

Brendan McKean Musician

“Andrew’s professionalism and dedication to his technical work is only surpassed by the creative eye that ties his pieces together. Working in a creative field, it is sometimes hard to pass on a vision to somebody else, but fear not: this technical artist sees the best in you and makes it better."

Raviv Ullman Musician, Actor

“Not only does Andrew have a stellar eye and a knack for capturing magic moments, but he has an extraordinary ability to make ideas into reality. Whether you want classic headshots, epic live performance panoramas, or a portrait of yourself on a pile of zombie corpses, Andrew can make it happen.”

Paul Cartwright Musician, All Around Nice Guy

“Andrew Craig is the most dependable person I know. When he says he is going to do something - whether it be taking pictures at a show, designing a website, or just cleaning up something technical you can’t fix yourself - he does it and does it extremely well.”

Ashton Lunceford Portrait PR

“Preparing album artwork, cleaning up the logo, or looking for great band pictures? Andrew is the man!”

Douglas Smith Musician, Actor